What CHAPTER are you living in?

I heard another story Wednesday I have to share! Chapter 1-I was walking down the street and fell in a pot-hole in the street. Chapter 2-I was walking down the street and I walked up to the pot-hole and slipped and fell in. Chapter 3-I was walking down the street and I tried to walked around the edge of the hole but stumbled and fell in. Chapter 4-I walked around the hole. Chapter 5-I took another street!

Some of us just can’t learn…….when we continue to let people hurt us, we have to learn to leave those people out of our sight and stay off their street! We cannot let them come into our boundaries. I have ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE in my life….and I hope I have learned! I don’t want to be on the same street she is on, no matter what!! If I could keep my grandchildren away from her, I would, but that is not in my boundary.

Dee Bradley


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