Why I am left on this earth!

Thank You Jesus that You left the 99 and came after me. Yes, You had to break my legs and carry me for a while, but I thank You for that too. Now I know I have to stay close to You or I will stray. I know Your voice. I have learned to listen and ask first before asking for Your blessing after I have started.

My Faith was tested. My Patience was tuned. My Trust was proven every time I call on Your name! You have never lied to me.

LIFE is not easy!! It was never supposed to be easy. But YOU said YOU would be with me to help me get through it. I am not looking forward to death so I can go to heaven. I am looking forward to death (through believing in Jesus Christ) so I will be with YOU….that is called heaven.

I was not innocent, but through the blood YOU shed on the cross, You can stand and say to YOUR Father at my judgement day, “Father, she called on my name! She is mine! She is found ‘not guilty’! I took her place!”

Oh PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME!! This is why I am left on this earth!! To tell what Jesus has done for me!!

Deliska Bradley 3/15/13

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